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Show us your pumpkin carving! Post your pics along with your username in the photo. Do not Photoshop your username into the pic. Five random submissions will win a $25 iTunes gift card and our favorite creation gets a new iPod Nano and a $25 iTunes gift card! [ Contest Details ]

My Little Pumpkin: Carving is Magic

Rapidash-ing through the snow~

I'm being shuffled out the door to go to my grandparents, so I'll have to keep this short, sweet, and without html prettyness:


Hope you all have a lovely time :)

On the Move!

I guess this is one of those times I'm actually meant to update my journal! :O (yes this means I'm procrastinating, it's what I do. :B)

SO! On Monday I was made redundant. Was kinda strange, shouldn't have been a surprise at all but it still was. In a company with 10 staff, laying off FOUR with no prior warning is always a bit of a shock I guess, everyone was a little stunned. I spent the whole meeting crying, which was painfully embarassing, but I couldn't stop. I wasn't even sad or anything, I think it was relief more than anything. I was having a hard time concentrating on what Sascha was saying because my head just kept playing I can go home. I can see my mum for more than 2 days. I can spend time in Dundee. I can have some of my life back.

So everyone hugged everyone else, we packed up our stuff and we left. We get paid a week's notice but we don't have to work it, plus we'd all been there over 2 years so we all got redundancy pay and what holidays we had left. Sascha also promised us he'd be right back in touch if anything came up. Whether that's bull or not remains to be seen (it is still Sascha after all, he talks the highest proportion of crap when he's trying to keep people happy), but he also told us to check back in February for news on the next project. That may well end up being my best bet, winter just after Christmas temps have been hired isn't exactly the best time to be looking for work.

The rest of this week is gonna be taken up with tying up loose ends here in Glasgow- finding all my paperwork and cancelling my lease is on the cards for today, as is cancelling my phoneline and internet contract. After that it's mostly tidying and packing up my stuff, I need to leave the flat as absolutely perfect as I can, really don't want them to charge me for cleaning bills.

Suppose I'd better get to it!

*progress reminder/update section*
Lease termination: submitted in writing, said I'll be out by halloween, lease should be mine until 13th november
Internet: Canceled, should be shut off on friday 29th Wednesday 27th
Phone line: Cancelled, to be disconnected on Friday 29th
For those who don't know, I live next door to a small train station. This isn't normally so bad, it's not massively busy or anything, but today there was a notice taped to the front door of my building. It said something like this:

"There is scheduled maintenence work to be carried out on the train station, which will involve heavy machinery and will cause unavoidable noise disturbance."

Here are the hours the work is to be carried out:

Saturday 25th-Sunday 26th September, 23:00-07:00
Sunday 26th-Monday 27th September, 23:00-07:00


In other news I continue to be defined by my job, the movie still isn't finished, I have one commission left to finish (it's a week late right now...) and the supermarket next to me now sells sliced brioche.

The Sparkles are Blinding .__.

I just caught my 6th legit shiny in Diamond @___@ EV training on long train journeys has done amazing things for my shiny encounter rate, I've never seen a single shiny in any game other than my Diamond (the red Gyarados in SoulSilver doesn't count) I had a look through my PC at them all, to see when I caught them all~

Gyarados (Pie) - July 8th 2007 (Yes I know this is ironic)
Scizor (Skittles) - July 13th 2009
Kricketune (Cinnabon) - August 18th 2009
Bibarel (Caramac) - December 19th 2009
Weepinbell (Dibdab) - March 12th 2010
Onix (Jawbreaker) - July 25th 2010

...They're all pretty derpy pokemon (apart from my Scizor, I adore my lime green Scizor), and they pretty much all have mediocre IVs. My Scizor has an attack IV of 2, and apparently the only good IV my new Onix has is Special Attack... So yeah, they may all fail from a competitve standpoint, but they're mine, and I found them and caught them fair and square, so I heart them all :3

The reason I was on a train today was because I was in Stirling for the weekend, yesterday having dinner with Nomi and her awesome parents, though I was really oddly tired and as such was a bit of a fail guest. Today we met up with Coco and Jaaaaaameeeesss, who decided he could actually be bothered to come and visit us before buggering off to Japan on the JET program. This involved sitting in various places: train stations, coffee shops, Subway, cinemas, different coffee shops, Nandos and train stations again. We saw Toy Story 3 again, I am proud to say I cried a lot less this time, maybe a few more viewings and I'll be able to not make a fool of myself 8D

Was good to see James again, not seen him since graduation. You've not really changed at all, you loud angry man. Japan doesn't stand a chance <3

Just try not to get deported, 'kay?

The never-ending war against Tortilla

So I guess it's time to write something again, even if I don't know what exactly...

Last week at work was hard. Almost too hard. People were being retarded, and I don't care enough to fix things properly, so people got mad and sulky and bitchy and yeeeeah. This week has been better though, we have a tentative finish date of August 20th, and this seems to be keeping people going at the moment. If this date falls through (like the about 5 or so that have already) then I really don't know what's going to happen. I've been looking at baking, I really enjoy baking, but I reckon it's because it's a hobby that I like it and that if I did it for a job then I'd hate it really fast. Will have to wait and see I suppose :)

Spent last weekend at home playing Dragon Age with mum, she's been signed off for another 8 weeks, and doesn't really seem to be improving at all. She's cheerful enough, which is something I guess. At any rate she was well enough for us to go see Toy Story 3, which finally came out over here. I highly reccommend going to see it in 3d, because then the glasses hide the humiliation of how hard you were crying at the end. ;___;

I've got a few games on the go just now- by "on the go" I really mean "I started them in the last year then wandered away", namely Tales of Symphonia 2, Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Dragon Age: Awakening and of course my Nuzlocke run! Not put in much time with any of these lately, I did a little more in my Nuzlocke, though it was mostly level grinding so not much to actually write: Nuzlocke Part 2Collapse )

I only got round to getting Dragon Age: Awakening last weekend, and spent as much time as possible over those 2 days playing it. I'd started to forget how much I enjoy that game, even if all my party members have buggered off to who knows where. No explanation, just left me on my own on a dark and rainy country road, stripped of my gear. Seriously. It was dumb of me to leave all my preorder bonus equipment on my character when I already knew it didn't transfer over. The end result was a high level mage stripped of all gear except armor, resorting to punching Darkspawn :( I quite like the new characters, even if they have pretty much taken the old characters and mixed up their job classes. For example, if Alistair had been a mage, he would pretty much be Anders, and the new warrior, "Justice", is a disturbing cross between Leliana, Wynne and Sten. Basically it all makes me wish my xbox wasn't a couple of hundred miles away.

Presently, I am waging a war against enchiladas. I bought an enchilada kit 2 days ago, with the intention of having it for my tea that night. Twice the kit has defied me, though I did manage to do most of the assembly yesterday. I have to make them tonight, or I'll just end up throwing them out in disgust at their mockery. I can hear them laughing at me even now :/

The only other thing I can think of that I've been doing is gulf_aid_now, where I offered my pokemon drawing services in their second auction. I never mentioned it, because I was pretty nervous about it, I've never done a 'commission' before, even if it was for charity rather than profit. My final bid was $30 for a drawing of a chibi trainer and up to 6 pokemon, and I've done the sketch and began the colouring. Obviously, since it's a commission I can't really post it about, but I reckon I can show you the rough sketch I did:
It's for an RP, and I just love that they're all still unevolved! There's still an egg in the team! On the other hand I feel guilty that the person isn't getting their money's worth, so I'll draw them a bonus picture too :) man I suck at drawing pichu
I reckon I'll offer up the same thing again when the next round of auctions begin in August, assuming that I get this one finished for the deadline next week. I may even go really crazy and offer 2! :O

Hmm, I think I'm procrastinating those enchiladas, I'm gonna give them what-for now.


Nuzlocke run, part 1!

I've been playing through an emulator of Pokemon Sapphire, using Nuzlocke rules. Here's the rules again:
1. If a pokemon faints in battle, you must release it ASAP (it's 'dead', not just fainted).
2. If all your pokemon faint, game over. You have to start from scratch.
3. You may only attempt to capture the first pokemon you encounter in each new area, route, cave, city, etc. If you don't catch it, tough shit, you miss out for that area.
4. You must give every pokemon you capture a nickname.
I'm also using the optional rule 5. Once you have captured a species once, you cannot capture anything from it's evolution line again. If the first pokemon you find on a route is a duplicate of a species you already have, tough, no capture on that route.

So far it's... not been all that exciting really, LOTS of paranoid level grinding xD

The epic journey for the first 2 gym badges!Collapse )

*Current route map, bold=current team, italic=in PC, strike=deceased*
Starter - Torchic->Combusken (Kentucky) lvl 22
route 101 - -----------------
route 102 - Zigzagoon (Vector) lvl 15
route 103 - -----------------
route 104 - Wurmple->Cascoon->Dustox (Wiggles) lvl 22
Petalburg Woods - Slakoth->Vigoroth (Narco) lvl 20
route 115 - no encounter yet
route 116 - --------------------
Rusturf Tunnel - Whismur (Decibobby) lvl 16
Dewford Town - Magikarp (Princess) lvl 17
route 106 - no encounter yet
Granite Cave - MAKUHITA
route 110 - Gulpin (Jabbu) lvl 17

I can't imagine how odd that all was to read if you don't know what Aqua Grunts, Truants and Cascoons are :p


There is no update, you see no update

Hm, been rather a long time since I updated this, my bad!

I'm not exactly sure what's been going on in the time since I last posted properly... Mum's doing better, but she's still signed off work and getting tired really easily. I find it hard to even imagine since she's always been so unstoppable, but now she needs a day to recover if she has guests over.

Work has been... well it's been frustrating. I've been pinballed around departments for the entire time I've been there, but I'd settled in to the matte painting department, by far the most creative job I'd gotten in my whole not-quite-2-years there... even if I was just in charge of mountain continuity. Whoopee. Still, after that was all done we got to move on to THE COMIC OMG. By which I mean there's a companion comic being made to go with the film, all the lineart has already been done freelance, so the matte painters were charged with colouring it! This was like, dream job for Finnys. I, of course, was moved from the matte department immediately, and placed in administration. I now spend my days looking at spreadsheets, and asking supervisors for status reports. As far as I can see, it's another layer of beurocracy for the sake of beurocracy, it doesn't really help anyone, and it makes me ill tempered. On the other hand, wow hayguiz we have a website now! http://www.billiproductions.com/home.php

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to snag a weeks holiday (everyone else who has had holidays booked, even if they were already approved, has since had them rejected.)With this week of freedom, I adventured to Tuscany with Coco and his family!
Oh my god I hate resizing photos aaaaaaCollapse )

It was a really good break, I really needed it. Could do with another one really xD

In other news, there was a post on the pokemon community yesterday about someone playing through a "Nuzlocke" run of one of the games. I'd never heard of this before, and someone linked the rules to it, and I'm intrigued. It can be played through in any of the main pokemon titles, and the rules are:

1. If a pokemon faints in battle, you must release it ASAP (it's 'dead', not just fainted).
2. If all your pokemon faint, game over. You have to start from scratch.
3. You may only attempt to capture the first pokemon you encounter in each new area, route, cave, city, etc. If you don't catch it, tough shit, you miss out for that area.
4. You must give every pokemon you capture a nickname.

From reading the progress of a few people doing this challenge online, I decided I wanted to try it. I have chosen Sapphire as my game, and downloaded an emulator (I'll be damned if I use a cartridge, I never restart any of them!)

I've chosen to play as the boy character, and named myself Darwin (badum-tish). I will go and choose my Torchic now, and I guess I'll keep you guys posted on the progress! (maybe I should make my first ever tag?!)

Time to get started with the guaranteed anguish of watching my little 'mons die. ;__;


Plagarism: The Final Day

Prompt ListCollapse )
day 30 → whatever tickles your fancy

Wow, day 30. I actually managed it :o And I can't think of anything in particular to post today hehe... A song I quite like came on my mp3 player when I was on the train just now, I just think it has a nice message :)

ALSO! Here's Colin's video of the Lake Calenhad glitch I ran across in Dragon Age on the xbox, which we then managed to recreate on his save file. He did more entertaining things, including managing to stand on Alistair's head... Good job with the quality control as always, Bioware. Good job.

And now I leave your friends lists to return to some form of normality. It's been fun guys! *takes a bow* <3

Plagarism: The Twenty-Ninth Day

Prompt ListCollapse )
day 29 → something that makes you amused

As Colin pointed out, the vast majority of my entries have already been about things which amuse me... I guess I'm just easily amused?

And for those who don't like youtube poops, have a dancing bird :D

Only one left :o